Update rtax in MacQIIME 1.5.0

Fix posted Aug 12, 2012. There have been some important updates to rtax since the main QIIME 1.5 release.  Here is how to add the latest rtax to MacQIIME 1.5.0.  This is mostly rtax version 0.982, except for an extra update to fix an error in the rtaxSearch.pl script.

1. Download the UpdateRtaxInMacqiime1.5.0.tgz file from here, placing it in your Downloads folder.

2. Unzip it in the Terminal:

cd ~/Downloads/

tar -xvf UpdateRtaxInMacqiime1.5.0.tgz

3. Run the install script. It will ask you for your sudo password, so you need to be an sudoer.

cd UpdateRtaxInMacqiime1.5.0


It should now be updated!  FYI, this script replaces your bash_profile.txt file within the macqiime installation.  If you have ever modified this file:


You will have to re-do the modifications - sorry!  A copy of the old bash_profile.txt file was made here, in case that helps: