Fix in MacQIIME 1.4.0

In the December 2011 version of MacQIIME (MacQIIME_1.4.0-20111216), there was an error in  This error was fixed in the SVN code for QIIME, and since it's a big bug I made a fix in MacQIIME as well.  If you have MacQIIME version 1.4.0-20111216 installed, you can fix it as follows.

The latest download on this site, MacQIIME_1.4.0a-20120108, already includes this fix. If you have this latest version, you don't need to do anything.

1. Download the fix

Download FixSplitLibraries_MacQIIME1.4.0.tgz into your Downloads folder (Do not open it with the Archive Utility graphical tool -- we'll unzip it in the command line).

2. Unzipping the files

Open the Terminal and cd into the downloads folder:

cd ~/Downloads/

and untar the file:

tar -xvf FixSplitLibraries_MacQIIME1.4.0.tgz

and cd into the new directory:

cd FixSplitLibraries_MacQIIME1.4.0

3. Run the fix-it script

Run the script. It will ask you for your administrative password. You have to have sudo privileges to successfully run the script.


That should do it!  It just replaced two libraries, and the test script for