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Update in MacQIIME 1.4.0

March 13th, 2012

There is an update to to allow it to handle some of the new FASTQ file formats out there. It's amazing how many different formats there are for a FASTQ file!  If you'd like to update to the newest version of in MacQIIME 1.4.0 (or 1.4.0a), you can follow the instructions below. The installation package that you run will replace the following files:


and it will create the following new library:


Instructions: How to update

In order to follow these instructions, you need to be logged in as a user with administrative privileges (a sudoer).

. Download this archive file into your Downloads folder (do not decompress with Archive Utility): fix_split_libraries_fastq.tgz

2. Open the

3. cd into the folder into which you downloaded the file.  E.g., if you put it in the Downloads folder:
cd ~/Downloads

4. Extract the file using the tar utility:
tar -xvf fix_split_libraries_fastq.tgz

5. cd into the new extracted directory:
cd fix_split_libraries_fastq

6. Run the installation script:

You will be asked for a password; this is your administrative (sudo) password for your user account. It is needed to copy files into the /macqiime/ subfolders, which are root-owned.

That should do it!  Please let me know if this causes any problems. Thanks!

Jeff Werner,
Mar 13, 2012, 11:16 AM